Palau: Snorkeling in the Jellyfish Lake


The Palau archipelago is located in West Pacific Ocean, east of Philippines. The archipelago is composed of more than 250 islands. Those islands are for most of them inhabited and they are mainly covered with tropical forest and mangrove. This short presentation is by itself forewarning nice adventures. But adding to that a lake full of jellyfish makes Palau become an even more extraordinary region.

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Spirographe (Spirographis spallanzani), Mediterranean sea

Spirographe (Spirographis spallanzani), Mediterranean seaSpirographe (Spirographis spallanzani), Mediterranean sea

The Spirograph is a sea worm living in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Atlantic Ocean and in the North Sea.
This animal, living and fixed on a rock wall, can be seen up to 40 meters deep in the water. Being able to measure up to 35 centimeters long, this animal deploys from its mouth a feather duster of filaments enabling to catch its food and some air. The stem of this sea flower is in reality a tube made out of mucus and sand by the worm.